a Perfect PNW Engagement

I stood in the trees waiting, taking in the scene and monochromatic tones, light rain falling as one of my best friend's boat rounded the corner of a small island and he made the approach to anchor and surprise his beautiful girlfriend with a beautiful ring (by my Favorite jeweler Tyler Sholdt. ) All of a sudden started thinking about how easy it must be for them to see me and I crouch in some bushes, rethinking my camouflage, or lack thereof, and we exchanged few texts about the location and ETA for question popping. As they prepared their vessel I took a few photos and determined a perfect spot to be when it was time.

Then I got THE text, and had to run from my current location through the woods back this vantage point. Such a stunning moment to photograph. He couldn't have picked a better partner or spot to get engaged. As I walked back out the fog was rolling in and nearly walked right into a large deer!

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